Meet Kite Hill™


Kite Hill is the first and only company to create plant-based food using time honored techniques. They’ve figured out how to make buttery fresh ricotta, aged nut milk delicacies, creamy almond milk yogurt, and fantastic entrées and desserts — all out of fresh nut milk.

“Plant-based used to be more synonymous with sacrifice than with taste,” said John Haugen, vice president and general manager of 301 INC, General Mills’ venture capital arm. “Now, companies like Kite Hill are able to deliver plant-based products that taste good.”

Kite Hill believes that you shouldn’t have to choose between good taste and good ethics though. They make it easy — and delicious — to reduce your environmental impact since no matter how you slice it, plant-based diets are kind to the earth and kind to animals.

“General Mills has tremendous expertise around manufacturing and the supply chain, things that a company like ours can really benefit from as we expect to grow aggressively,” said Matthew Sade, chief executive of Kite Hill.

Kite Hill products