Meet Good Catch

Good Catch is a chef-driven food tech company making revolutionary, 100% plant-based seafood alternatives that are high in protein and free of animal products, mercury and microplastics. Founded by pioneering plant-based chefs Chad and Derek Sarno, along with impact investor Chris Kerr — all recognized as leaders in building world-class, plant-based brands — Good Catch products offer the taste, texture, nutrition and culinary experience of seafood without any of the harmful impact to our oceans. It’s seafood without the sacrifice.

The Good Catch team has grown to include leading food scientists, sales specialists, marketers and a strong finance team to meet the massive consumer demand for plant-based protein. We’re dedicated to creating plant-based foods for all palates, from vegan to omnivore and everyone in between.

“Good Catch is more than just a good news story. We’re setting the stage for the next evolution of seafood, offering the taste of the ocean with all the benefits of healthy, versatile proteins, and none of the collateral damage inherent in this otherwise problematic industry,” said Chris Kerr, Co-Founder, “We’re part of a long-term solution for consumers and industry alike — and everyone is invited along on the journey.”

Good Catch plant-based tuna is available nationwide.